Welcome to the Folsom Garden Club.

Listed below are some of the opportunities and ways you can participate in activities of the club. If some of these sound interesting, please talk to a member about them. At some point you can return this list to the membership chairperson, having checked the areas you are interested in.


  • Program Committee:  Helps plan speakers for monthly meetings
  • Community Projects:  Assists events at Sr. Center or with gardening projects in the city
  • Grants:  Assists with selecting gardening projects to be funded by the club
  • Dirt Gardeners trips:  Is willing to take field trips to local places
  • Scholarships:  Assists with selecting winners of annual college scholarships given by the club
  • Book Exchange:  Assists with the book exchange and library collection at monthly meetings
  • Table Decorations:  Assists with decorating tables at monthly meetings
  • Greeter Table:  Helps sign-in members and greets guests
  • Refreshments:  Is willing to bring one refreshment one time during the year
  • Raffle table:  Assists if display items for the raffle table each month


  • Bake Sale:  Assists with the bake sale at the annual garden tour
  • Plant Sale:  Assists with the plant sale at the annual garden tour
  • Tickets and Advertising:  Assists with distribution of tickets and with advertising the garden tour
  • Publicity:  Assists with publicity of the garden tour
  • Sponsors:  Visits local merchants to ask for sponsorship of the garden tour
  • Master Gardeners:  Works with master gardeners assigned to be present at gardens
  • Distribution of tickets:  Helps distribute tickets to stores selling garden tour tickets
  • Banners:  Helps with distribution of signs and banners to home owners
  • Pre-tour dinner:  Helps with the potluck dinner on Wednesday evening before the garden tour
  • Garden host:  Coordinates and instructs those working at the gardens; plans details with garden owners
  • Greets visitors and checks tickets; is present in front of the house

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