Treasurer Job Description


1. The Treasurer must be able to use Microsoft Excel, Word, and send emails.
2. Sign bank card(s) for FGC bank account and be available, as needed, to co-sign on FGC checks over $100.
3. Receive and deposit all monies in the club bank account; issue checks and pays bills.
4. Keep financial records of receipts for all FGC financial transactions. Issue a monthly treasurer’s report showing bank balance on the first of each month, and list all outstanding checks. Present treasurer’s report at monthly FGC meetings and board meetings. Send copy to webmaster for posting one week prior to monthly meeting.
5. Track and review spending of budgeted items to stay within budget and bring to the Board’s attention if spending is exceeded in any category.
6. Work with President to prepare a monthly budget with monthly totals four – five days before next monthly meeting and send to webmaster for posting.
7. Send dues for all new members to SRVD and CGCI as accumulated.
8. Assist the President with the preparation of the proposed annual budget, showing estimated income and expense.
9. Provide all necessary financial records to the Audit Committee for the annual audit (to be completed within two weeks of successor taking office).
10. Serve as Treasurer for the Annual Garden Tour and as a member of the Garden Tour Committee.
11. Attend board meetings and participate as voting member of the Board.
12. Determine monthly the number of members needed to constitute a quorum of 35% based on current paid membership.
Revised 2/27/2015

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