The Folsom Garden Club is a Nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization. Donations are welcome from individuals, businesses, and organizations to help advance the civic, educational, environmental projects we support. Your donation will help us provide more educational opportunities (in the form of scholarships), fund more grants, and support more community projects. When you make a donation you benefit all of our programs.

We greatly appreciate your support. Monetary donations may be made directly to the Folsom Garden Club or through this website using PayPal. To donate directly, you may send a check, written out to the Folsom Garden Club, to P.O. Box 1681, Folsom, CA 95763. On the following page you will find the PayPal form to fill out if you prefer that payment method, which automatically deducts a service fee dependent on the amount donated.

We welcome material donations to be used as Raffle items at our monthly meeting, for our Plant Sales during our April Folsom Garden Club “Gardens of Folsom” Annual Garden Tour, and Silent Auction items which we collect in April. Contact the Folsom Garden Club at P.O. Box 1681, Folsom, CA 95763 or click on the Contact Us button at the end of this page for more information if you have such items to donate.

Your donations are important to us. The money you donate and money received from material donations benefit our local communities. Please donate today!

“The money was used to upgrade the current drip irrigation system and install new drip irrigation throughout the 3 acre property…This project was a big success and even though we had a couple of heat waves this summer we were able to keep our plant loss at a minimum…Thank you very much for the support of the Folsom Garden Club.” Rhonda DesVoignes, Murer House Garden Projects Coordinator

Murer House (2015)  |  $1,647

In addition to her studies, Nicole also interns at a landscape architecture firm and is an officer in two academic clubs. Nicole says, “Thank you for your organization’s support of my academics and future…I would not be able to do all these things without you.”

Nicole Limesand (2015-16) – $2,000 | UC Davis, Landscape Architecture

Sally Reed, Teacher, who had been supporting the garden from her teacher’s salary before she found our grants program e-mailed, “Thank you so much!   I have tears in my eyes!  My class and staff will be so grateful.”

Vista del Lago High School (2016-17) – $800  |  To create a more functional space in their existing garden space for students with special needs and to modify the garden to allow students in wheelchairs to be more actively involved in the garden.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Garden Beds were established…we have planted/grown, nurtured and harvested [18 different crops] for the Zoo animals. We have a new crop of Fun Factory preschool students…they are already getting excited about the garden and love seeing the veggies grow…Thank you again for partnering with our garden.” Sarah Trobee, Sr. Recreation Coordinator, Folsom Parks and Recreation Department

Friends of the Folsom Zoo (2015)  |  $350

“I hope to conduct more research and potentially publish a paper…I am also conducting a small research project which I hope to present at the Undergraduate Research Conference…Thank you again for contacting and supporting us; I am very grateful to have such an encouraging community during my time here in Davis!”

Erin Hsu (2015-16) – $2,000 | UC Davis – Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry

This award was for a garden closet to secure tools, garden science teaching materials for docents, and a banana tree—an item from the student’s wish list.“We have greatly appreciated the generosity of your club in the past years and know our students benefit from every fund we have received.  Thank you again!” Judy Fletcher, First Grade Teacher

Natoma Station Elementary School (2015)  |  $2,500

This grant was awarded to improve the school garden, make it accessible for special needs students, and to assist the teacher who financed the garden out of her own pocket. “…thank you for this much needed grant. Your grant is transforming our garden from something basic to a lovely garden space for our students.” Sally Reed, Special Education Teacher

Vista Del Lago High School, Special Education Department (2016)  |  $800

“…after receiving the Folsom Garden Club scholarship, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a study abroad program in New Zealand…learning the natural ecology and conservation efforts being made to restore their ecosystems…I would also like to say thank you…the funds I received from the Folsom Garden Club enabled me to…pursue my dream of studying abroad…”

Taylor Gullikson (2014-15) – $2,000 | UC Davis – Environmental Science

Steven Holzberg, Biology Professor: “On behalf of the college and our students, thank you so much for your support.”

Folsom Lake College
(2015-16) – $1,500, (2016-17) – $1,500  |  Folsom Lake College is the first college to receive a grant.  The garden is used for teaching in many subject areas and is located on the college campus.
In 2013-14, the club was presented with a photo album containing pictures of the garden, and a thank you note signed by the entire school.  “Thank you Folsom Garden Club for supporting our school garden!”

Natoma Station Elementary School (2013-14) – $1,500  |  The elementary school was one of the first recipients of a Folsom Garden Club grant and according to two subsequent garden awards, the school garden has continued to survive and improve with the Club’s grant support and dedicated teachers, students and volunteers.

“Thanks…I am a PhD student studying Horticulture with a focus on plant breeding/genetics. In my research project I am working on bringing molecular tools to assist in our walnut breeding program. Therefore I have genotyped 1250 walnut trees within in our breeding program and have implemented two improved methods for collecting phenotypic data.”

Gina Sideli (2015-16) – $2,000 | UC Davis – Horticulture and Agronomy

This grant was awarded to help revive a neglected school garden. “Thank you so much for your generosity in awarding us this grant and your commitment to youth gardening in our community. I can see the positive impact it makes on the students and I look forward to watching our school garden grow for years to come.” Michelle Kwek, Garden Coordinator/Parent Volunteer

Folsom Hills Elementary School (2015)  |  $820

Sue Styren, Vice Principal, Tech Integration:  “Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We are so grateful.”

St. John Notre Dame School (2015-16) – $1,500, (2016-17) – $1,400  |  This school is a non-profit private school who incorporates the garden into all aspects of their teaching and also grows food to donate to food banks.

“My research is in sustainable paper production and recycling…I really wanted to thank the entire organization for the generous scholarship you provided.”

Elizabeth Cass (Ridolfi) (2014-15) – $2,000 | UC Davis – Environmental Horticulture

SJNDS bought an outdoor garden message center to post planting and harvesting schedules, and display students’ garden artwork. The garden was fenced so students recognized it as a sacred space. “Thank you again for giving us this opportunity to expand the learning experience that goes hand in hand with having a productive student garden.” Sharon Penrose, Art Teacher

St. John Notre Dame School (2015)  |   $1,203

“I wanted you to know that you are the best garden club ever.”
“Thank you for giving us money for our garden, and you are the best Garden Club!”
“Thank you for doing everything for our garden.  Thank you for giving the money to us.  And thank you for the seeds, too.”

Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary School (2013-14) – $1,000, (2014-15) – $300, (2015-16) – $350  |  This elementary school was one of the first to receive a grant from the Folsom Garden Club.  As a thank you, Ms. Ferranio’s second grade class sent the Club 23 individual thank you letters from the children.

“I am happy to report that I graduated from Cosumnes River College as a Honor’s Graduate with an Associate of Science in Sustainable Landscape Design and Irrigation Systems. I am a practicing Landscape Designer that saw a 300% increase in my business this last year.”

Teri Enright (2012-13) – $700 | Consumnes River College – Horticulture

“I really appreciate the donation to support our school garden.  We will use that money for the garden.  You are the best for donating that money to our school.  Thank you so much!”

Blanche Sprentz Elementary School (2014-15) – $1,200  |  The school’s Room 7 sent us 29 individual Thank You letters from the children.  The letters were bound in a book.

“We have really appreciated your help with…our school garden this year. It has become a center for students and parents to observe and wonder. The children are so proud of the plants they planted last spring with their classes that are still going strong…We are so grateful for your support of our garden.” Jean Ferrario, Teacher, Garden Committee Chair

Sandra J Gallardo Elementary School (2015)  |  $350

“I just graduated from Humboldt State University in December with my B.S. degree in Environmental Protection and Management (Cum Laude honors). I couldn’t have done it without the amazing help and generosity from the Folsom Garden Club!…Thank you again (I couldn’t possibly thank the Folsom Garden Club enough)!”

Zoryana Pope (2013-14 and 2014-15) – $2,000 + $2,000 | Humboldt State University – Environmental Protection and Management

In 2015-16, the club was presented with a photo of the students holding a sign, “Thank You FGC!”  In addition, a plaque was permanently placed in the garden, which said, “Thank You Folsom Garden Club for Supporting our Garden 2015-2016.”

Natoma Station Elementary School $1,500, ($2015-16) – $2,500, (2016-17) – $800.  |  The elementary school was one of the first recipients of a Folsom Garden Club grant and according to two subsequent garden awards, the school garden has continued to survive and improve with the Club’s grant support and dedicated teachers, students and volunteers.

This grant was awarded to expand the existing teaching garden by building a terraced garden bed, installing an insect hotel, and a green house. “Thank you so much for providing St. John Notre Dame School with the grant…to expand our school and community garden experience…[and] for your generosity and encouragement for our students to experience and create through gardening.” Sue Styren, Vice Principal Tech Integration

St. John Notre Dame School (2016)  |  $1,400

“I…continue to benefit from the opportunities the FGC scholarship helped open up to me. [I completed] my conservation ecology study abroad program at Stellenbosch University in South Africa (one of top the botanical biodiversity hotspots of the world)…I again wish to thank FGC for their generosity, it truly has helped me achieve my educational goals.”

Alicia Streetman (2015-16) – $2,000 | Cal Poly State University- Forestry and Natural Resources

“Thank you for helping our garden grow and for helping us with the pumpkins.  I got to plant the pretty zinnias, too!”
“I like how you gave money to our school and helped our garden have vegtables”
“Thank you for the money.  I want to grow a lemon and a cherry.  I love the garden!”

Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary School (2013-14) – $1,000, (2014-15) – $300, (2015-16) – $350.  |  This elementary school was one of the first to receive a grant from the Folsom Garden Club.  As a thank you, Ms. Ferranio’s second grade class sent the Club 23 individual thank you letters from the children.

This grant was to renovate the school’s teaching garden. “Once again, thank you to the entire Folsom Garden Club for providing us with the funding to allow such changes to occur.” Shawn Edwinson, Director

Bright Beginnings Preschool (2015)  |  $1,140

“Thank you again for the Folsom Garden Club Scholarship…I have…continued my work at the Botanical Conservatory working on carnivorous plants as well as in the Ramirez Lab working on mechanisms to differentiate two different orchid bee species based on mandible morphologies…
I am excited!”

James Fong (2015-16) – $2,000 | UC Davis – Plant Biology

“We can’t thank the Folsom Garden Club enough for your generous support of the Natoma Station Elementary School garden and Green Team. You have made it possible for us to make our garden a more accessible, pleasant and clean place to learn & enjoy. You have also enabled us to bring the garden into each of our classrooms, creating a tangible experience for all of our students.” Maryann Goette, Garden Coordinator

Natoma Station Elementary School (2016)  |   $800

“After graduation from UC Davis I was able to get a job immediately…at Halter-Encinas Enterprises in Ventura, Ca. If there is every anything I can do for the Folsom Garden Club please let me know, I’d be happy to do what I can to help you guys since the club helped me in a time of need to get me where I am today. Thank you so much.”

Frank Duffy (2012-13) – $1,500 | UC Davis- Landscape Architecture

The college garden raises fruit, flowers and vegetables and serves as an outdoor experimental lab. The garden has two raised beds, and an experimental straw bale bed. This Grant will add a third raised bed, install decomposed granite pathways, and add plants and mulch to the perimeter beds. “Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!” Steve Holzberg, Ph.D. Professor of Biology

Folsom Lake College (2016)  |  $1,500

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