Spring is in the Air

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Spring is in the air, every time we look around,
gardeners, time to grab your hats, gloves and spades,
and join the worms to dig in the ground

We will plant the lettuce, tomatoes and beans,
and look forward to a harvest fit for kings


We will weed, trim, plant flower and bush,
and because it is our joy, our passion,
through our aches and pains we will push


Sometimes, we will pause to hear the bird sing,
or to watch the graceful beauty of a butterfly
as she takes wing


Then when we relax,
and look at all we have done,

we will take pleasure in clear, blue skies
and bask in the warmth of the sun


There are those who may be prone to ask,
why do you undertake such a tedious task?


With a smile, we reply, taking no offense,
because gardening is an art form,
it is creation in its purest sense


Spring is in the air,
Joy, love and beauty abound,
if we just stop to take the time to look around

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