Tinka Davi


The Yucca Bright Star shined brightly from Folsom Garden Club’s raffle table in September. It also starred as the September Plant of the Month.
Rhonda DesVoignes, our POTM presenter, said the plant was donated to our club’s fundraiser in partnership with Greg Gayton and Green Acres. “It’s one of Greg’s favorites,” she said.

It’s from the Agave family, a succulent that likes shade or part shade, although the online description says OK in full sun.
It has yellow/chartreuse variegated foliage and white flowers with an infrequent bloom time. It’s slow growing and will get up to two-feet tall by five inches wide. It can be grown in pots or in the ground along with yarrow and Russian sage.
“Don’t let its feet get wet,” Ronda warns, “Put it in a big pot as a “thriller.”

For more information and its origin, check out San Marcos Growers website, www.sanmarcosgrowers/succulents and scroll to Yucca Bright Star [‘Walbristar’] PP17,653 Bright Star Yucca.


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