Secretary Job Description

FGC Bylaws Article V, Section 6 Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the club and the Board of Directors. She/he shall maintain record book(s) in which the bylaws, standing rules, and minutes are entered, with any amendments to these documents properly recorded.
1. The Secretary must be able to use Microsoft Word and send emails.
2. Take, transcribe, and distribute the Minutes of each monthly General meeting and Board meeting. Minutes are an accurate record of what is done at the meeting, i.e. motions, votes, etc. Discussions need not be verbatim.
3. Minutes should be typed within one week of the meeting.
4. Minutes will be submitted to President for review prior to distribution.
5. Minutes are distributed by mail or email prior to the next General or Board meeting. They should be sent to the newsletter editor for distribution with the monthly newsletter.
6. Corrections or additions to the minutes will be made on the master copy at the next business meeting. The secretary circles the incorrect words with a red pen and places the correction in the margin of the minutes. Corrections must be dated and initialed.
7. In the Secretary’s absence, she/he should ask another Board member in advance of the next meeting to take, transcribe, and distribute the minutes.
8. Original copies of the minutes including noted corrections, reports and other documents presented at the meeting should be filed in the Recording Secretary’s binder.
9. Signs bank card(s) for FGC account and be available, as needed, to co-sign on FGC checks over $100.
Revised 2/27/2015

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