President’s Message 

Welcome to the 90th season of the Folsom Garden Club. We have an exciting year planned for our members. Monthly education is provided by our outstanding speakers and always lots of horticulture tips provided by Rhonda.  Workshops and dirt garden events include lush landscape adventures and fun, creative workshops to enhance our garden club experience.

This year our yearbook will have a new feature of member photos added to our Directory. Thanks to Debra Field for matching names with faces!

I have learned so much about the FGC and all the working pieces that make this club so successful. I am so amazed by the hard-working people in the garden tour, scholarships, grants, and I cannot forget to mention the members that make our monthly business meetings so much fun with all they bring and set up for our beautiful meeting table decorations. I have learned that using paper napkins for snacks at board meetings is fun but, be sure to save one for yourself. We have become a very talented group of decoupaging gardeners.

In closing for those “seasoned members” I am preaching to the choir.  Thank you for your many years of dedication and service. To the newest members, you will have the opportunity to work with new friends, and education to enhance your joy of gardening along the way. Becoming an active member will enrich your experience in ways you

never imagined.


Bring a neighbor to a meeting and remember our motto:

“May we blossom in friendship and grow in knowledge”.


Julie Martinez, President


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