President’s Message


Welcome to the Folsom Garden Club!

As we approach the club’s 86th birthday, I think you’ll find the club to be young at heart, vigorous and energetic. Look at all we do:

·         provide grant money to finance horticultural projects in Folsom

·         provide scholarships to local students to further their education

·         provide the means financially and physically to enhance the beauty of the city that we call home.


We have to be young at heart, vigorous and energetic to raise that kind of cash. Although the bulk of the funds come from our very successful yearly garden tour, we also sell plants we’ve individually grown from seed or have otherwise propagated, we package and sell delicious baked goods all in a whirl of activity, we host monthly raffles with donated items that are tempting to take home and we donate generously to Penny Pines for reforestation in California’s forests. For the first time this past year, we developed a cookbook of our families’ favorite recipes and what a success that was.


We keep our minds sharp by engaging speakers that peak our interests and we visit places that cultivate the love of gardening and being outdoors. We have a library of books to keep your mind active and intrigued.


We stay young at heart by volunteering for the many activities to keep in touch with friends we’ve met in the club. We’ve even had romances blossom! We joined the Folsom Hometown Parade and made ginormous carrots and tomatoes to show how well we can grow food! The Rakettes did a song and dance that would have knocked your socks off.


We stay energized through the creative displays at our monthly meetings as well as in our gardens. We stage “work days” in gardens that are on the tour, at our local historical society and at Gladys’ community garden. We have so many opportunities to contribute to our community.


This club is artistic, generous and fun loving. So participate. Make new friends while staying in touch with old friends. Join in the fun of volunteering and challenge yourself with something new so that you, too, stay young at heart, vigorous and energetic

Belinda Colville

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