President’s Job Description

1. The President must be able to use Microsoft Word and send emails.

2. Provide leadership and maintain a productive work relationship with presiding Board of Officers, committee Chairpersons and members at large.

3. Work in conjunction with the Treasurer and the 2nd Vice President(s) to prepare a budget for the new fiscal year. The budget will include both the FGC Budget and a Garden Tour Budget. The budget will be presented to the Board prior to our first club business meeting, and will be presented at the first club meeting for approval by general membership.

4. Oversee club activities: dirt gardener events, community service projects and annual garden tour, etc.

5. Solicit volunteers from the membership and appoint various committee chairs to ensure the smooth operation of FGC in accordance with the FGC Bylaws.

6. Prepare and send out agenda, in conjunction with board officers, for business meetings and board meetings.

7. Review minutes prior to presentation to membership.

8. Preside at business and board meetings following Roberts Rules of Order and FGC Bylaws.

9. Appoint a Parliamentarian to assist in orderly conduct of garden club business and adherence to Roberts Rules of Order.

10. Sign bank card(s) for FGC bank account and be available, as needed, to co-sign on FGC checks over $100.

11. Sign and set any contracts with the city or other official body, for rental of facilities for regular meetings or other FGC business.

12. Work with Treasurer to prepare a monthly budget with monthly totals four – five days before next monthly meeting and send to webmaster for posting.

13. Work with the 2nd Vice President to see that garden tour homeowners receive a letter we prepare asking that we add them to our liability policy as additional insured. These letters must be in our possession before we apply for the additional insured policy.

14. Work with the 2nd Vice President to submit request for liability insurance for garden tour.

15. Hold a planning meeting as needed. If held it is conducted in June or July prior to the September club meeting.

16. Notify the Phone Committee when information is posted by e-mail, so they can contact all club members without email to inform them of current activities and bulletins. This task can be delegated to another member.

17. Write President’s Corner article for the newsletter.

18. Attend club functions and meetings whenever possible.

19. Provide support/counsel to all incoming Board members.

20. Notify Sunshine Committee when cards and plants are needed for an illness.

21. If possible the President will attend the three SRVD district meetings and the three SRVD Board meetings since the presidents are members of the SRVD Board. However, the President may appoint alternatives to attend in his/her place. Also, if feasible, the President will attend the state convention – CGCI – held in May or June of each year.

Revised: 7/18/2015

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