Dirt Gardener Event

The Golden Pond Aquatic Plant Nursery – Loomis, CA 10 am.  Tour Golden Pond’s unique seasonal aquatic plant nursery offering small and large marginal aquatics, hardy and tropical water lilies, water clover, hawthorne, poppies, floating hearts, and snowflakes. They specialize in pond eco-balance through the appropriate selection and use of filtration plants for ornamental and […]

Dirt Gardener

Private Garden Tour hosted by our own FGC members Debbie Real, Debra Field, Pat Rowell, and Jennie Lewis. 10am. Debbie Real’s garden is a labor of love over 40 years of creating a warm and charming Cottage Garden to enjoy year-round. Designed in 2013 by Landscape Architect Susan Sylva. Debra Field’s garden is a showcase […]

Dirt Gardener Event

No Event. But, let’s discuss and possibly plan a Summertime excursion.  This might be more than a ½ day and involve driving farther than a normal Dirt Gardener Event.  

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