Ron Byrd


Fall is officially here… even if the temperatures are still a little warm.  Let’s hope rain is also on the way before the leaves

start turning their beautiful colors. I have been working in my yard a lot and getting ready for winter.

I’m pulling out the summer flowers and moving a few shrubs to better locations.  It’s always fun to make changes!

We are off to a good start with a full membership roster at 152. Our committees are busy making plans and the garden tour is

taking shape as Folsom gardens are being lined up for the tour. Speakers are coming to our monthly meetings and field trips and

day excursions are taking place.  Become involved and continue to welcome our newest members.  Always attend each meeting

and find out  the latest news. The new yearbooks are ready to be picked up… you’ll need one to know what’s going on.

Continue to work in your yard and continue to spread the word about the Folsom Garden Club.

Ron Byrd, President

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