While looking outside my living room window, I can see that fall is approaching. The Mexican sage is in full bloom with purple tips leaning towards the sun. The green maple trees are starting to show a slight tinge of red. My neighbor’s trees are starting to turn red, yellow and orange at the very tips of the branches, always an early harbinger of fall. The dianthus is no longer blooming. The Croscosmia “Lucifers” are just seeds now, having lost their vivid red flowers from summer. The pumpkins in the vegetable garden have started to turn orange, yellow, and apricot colors. And, now, I will change out the summer-potted plants for fall. 

Fall is an exciting time as we say good-bye to the days of 100-degree temperatures and welcome the cooler weather. Also time to start thinking of what can be started for the plant sale next spring. Look through the plants in your yard to see what you can propagate or look through the seed catalogs to see what you can start during the winter.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the October meeting. Now that my extended trip to Europe is complete, I can focus on my responsibilities to the club…at least until the next time I travel!


Happy Halloween…Belinda


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