at Oak Hills Church

By Jennie Lewis, Grants Committee Chair


In November, The Folsom Garden Club (FGC) awarded a total of $10,500 to nine non-profit projects.  The Grants Committee just received some reports of early completion of those nine projects.


Oak Hills Community Garden received a $991 grant to purchase an outdoor message board for the garden. The message center is used to post information about the garden and promote educational opportunities as well as connect with the community.  The total cost of the project was $1,075.  Thus a small portion of the cost was funded by the Oak Hills Church, with the grant award covering the major portion of the total costs.


Before the new outdoor message board was purchased and installed, the information posted would get wet, or blow off in the wind, as shown by this before photo.




Now that the new outdoor message board has been installed, there is a water proof, safe place to post important gardening information.




Oak Hills Community Garden thanked the FGC for their generosity.  They had their first learning weekend Saturday, April 13.  They focused on cut flowers, and advertising the event was easier thanks to the Message Board.

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