By Jennie Lewis, Grants Committee Chair


In November (2018-19), The Folsom Garden Club (FGC) awarded at total of $10,500 to nine non-profit projects. The Grants Committee has received final reports from the award recipients that outline the work accomplished and the final expenditures.


Oak Chan Elementary received a $635 grant to enhance the new school garden.  A morning and afternoon garden club was established to teach first and second grade children about gardening practices. The participation and interest in the Club has been overwhelming. The classes are held 35 minutes before school starts and 35 minutes after early release. Each class has 7 and 8 students and the garden coordinator is our former club member, Barbra McKenna.



The grant funding was used for drip irrigation supplies, plants, seeds, bulbs, as well as a small shed. Not only are children learning about gardening, everyone who enters the campus near the garden beds is absolutely delighted with the lovely scene.




During the summer the new shed was invaded by rats. They ate every seed packet in the shed as well as all the children’s gardening gloves. The school principal paid to replace the supplies since we had fully spent the grant amount. The shed was purchased with grant funding.



The children have harvested pumpkins, tomatoes, and zucchini from the garden and chased grasshoppers.




Oak Chan Elementary School and the Children’s Garden Club appreciate FGC’s support of their school garden through the grant funding.


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