Ron Byrd

Greetings to gardening pilgrims…

In a way, we are all pilgrims on a journey together… and this month we are

sharing with family and friends the blessings our lives… it’s a time of reaping

from our sowing… a time to enjoy the fruits of our labors and harvesting of our

plantings… whether it be flowers, vegetables or beautiful leaves of many colors.

            Take time to count your blessings… especially in the Garden Club… let’s

share our knowledge, our experience and our friendship.  Take advantage of the

speakers, the field trips, the dirt gardeners’ events and the other things you can sign-up

for and become involved with.

            The Grants committee is busy awarding money to those who want to make

beautifications improvements in Folsom this year.  The Garden Tour committee is

getting organized for so many things to happen in the spring.

            Most of all take time to look around you and see the beauty of Mother

Nature and the changes taking place.  Yes, we need rain and lots of it!

            Enjoy Turkey Day, Veterans Day and Every Day!

Ron Byrd, President.



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