November Plants of the Month

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The Plants of the Month Member, Rhonda DesVoignes, was overwhelmed by the three plants set aside at the front counter for her “Plant of the Month” presentation. Greg from Green Acres & Nursery overwhelms us with the number and variety of plants he offers for Plant of the Month.

Here they are: Per-Calylophus Drummondianus (Sundrops) an evergreen, blooms in the spring and summer and grows 1-foot tall and nearly 3feet wide. Plant in full sun or half-day sun in well-drained soil. It’s a western native that tolerates regular watering if drainage is supergood, Rhonda said. Shear in early spring.

Mimulus (Jelly Bean Fiesta or Monkey Flower) is a showy hybrid that will take full sun or light shade with good drainage. The flowers look like grinning monkeys and the leaves are sticky, Rhonda said. It reaches 2- to 3-feet tall and 1-1/2 feet wide. Prune in early spring. Cuttings root easily in sand.








Euphorbia Tirucalli (Pencil Bush/Milk Bush/”Sticks on Fire”) is an indoor plant in our zone; however, it can grow to 30-feet tall and 6-feet wide!! It likes dry soil, lots of light and has milky sap that irritates the skin. (President Ron Byrd suggested a recipient for this plant.)
*overwhelmed – a synonym for being too busy. But Greg Gayton still can be counted on to select just the right plants that appeal to members no matter how busy he is. Thank You Greg!

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