Nominating Chairperson

FGC Bylaws Article VIII: Standing Committees, Section 2. Nominating: The Nominating chairperson shall be elected by the members. The Nominating chairperson shall select two (2) other members to assist in the selection of the slate of officers for the next fiscal year. Members of the Nominating Committee are not eligible for election to other board offices. The slate shall be presented to the membership prior to the May business meeting. Voting shall take place at the May meeting. At that time nominations may be made from the floor, providing consent of the nominee has been secured beforehand.

1. The Nominating Chairperson must be able to use Microsoft Word and send email.
2. Check with existing officers to see whether or not they wish to continue in their current office, consider another board position or finish up their current term and take a break.
3. Announce at February meeting of upcoming nominations.
4. At the March meeting announce what board members are willing to continue, what positions are open. Nominations are being taken, contact nominating committee.
5. Call perspective members for open positions.
6. Meet with committee to review who would be best for open positions.
7. Prepare the slate to be presented at the April meeting, ask for nominations from the floor.
8. Prepare ballot for May meeting. Vote by aye or nay – or ballot if more than one candidate per job.
9. Announce results at end of May meeting.
Revised: 2/27/2015

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