By Jennie Lewis, Grants Committee Chair


In November (2018-19), The Folsom Garden Club (FGC) awarded at total of $10,500 to nine non-profit projects. The Grants Committee has received final reports from the award recipients that outline the work accomplished and the final expenditures.


Natoma Station Elementary received a $500 grant to enhance the school garden. As children age out of the elementary school and move to Middle School, their parents go with them. For this reason, a new team was needed this year. Also, the former Teacher Advisor retired, and a new energetic 2nd grade Teacher, Ms. Cameron, took over this successful school garden. The new team decided to focus on incorporating more food into the garden beds thus providing more opportunities for students to eat and enjoy organic fresh farm-to-fork food. The students (Green Team) harvested and took food to the school yard and cafeteria for the other students to taste and sample. The grant funding was used to repair irrigation and to purchase soil, worm casing, plants, butterfly larva, as well as large planters and pots.


The garden had irrigation timers, but sprinkler heads and drips needed some repair. The irrigation in one bed was not working at all. In the Fall, our local Girl Scout troop was looking for a way to earn their water conservation badge. The irrigation supplies were purchased by the grant. The troop learned how to install drip lines, where to place them in the beds and why, and learned about how a drip system and automatic timers can reduce water use.




After helping install the drip lines, the Girl Scout troop was able to release the butterflies from the school’s butterfly conservatory. The conservatory was funded in last years (2017-18) grant. The butterfly larva was purchased with this years grant award (2018-19).



Plants, planters, soil, and worm casing were purchased and incorporated into the garden.





In addition, a PVC pipe provides a home to grow 16 strawberry plants along the garden fence. The irrigation, soil, and plants were purchased by the grant. The PVC was donated by a grandparent volunteer.



Natoma Station Elementary is so grateful for our continued support of their school garden.  The grant award was fully expended, and all work was accomplished by volunteers.



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