1st Vice President Job Description



1. The First Vice President must be able to use Microsoft Word and send emails. 

2. The First Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, in the absence of the President.

3. She/he shall act as Program Chairman and shall provide speakers and/or programs for the monthly meetings.

a. Find and schedule speakers on topics suitable for the monthly meetings. Complete information sheets on speakers.

b. Keep a folder on future speakers and suggestions from members.

4. Plan Dirt Gardeners events on the third Thursday of the month or as scheduled. This meeting can be a craft project, field trips to nurseries, community and private gardens, and horticulture related facilities, etc.

a. Keep a folder on Dirt Gardener ideas and suggestions from members.

b. Contact the Folsom Senior Center quarterly to schedule the use of meeting rooms for Dirt Gardener events. Events at the Senior Center must be open to the public.

c. Submit dirt gardener events held at Senior Center for publication in the parks and recreation activity guide “Live Folsom.”

d. Provide sign-up sheets for dirt gardener events so the venue knows how many people will be participating.

5. Prepare a master list of speakers and dirt gardener events by date for board members, newsletter editor, and webmaster.

6. Write thank you notes to guest speakers and dirt gardener events.

7. Write a descriptive paragraph of guest speaker’s topic/program for yearbook.

8. Write a descriptive paragraph of each dirt gardener event for yearbook.

9. Provide support/counsel to fellow Board members.

Revised 2/27/2015

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