Winter is really underway. I’m so appreciative of the rain we have gotten thus far. I can turn off the sprinklers on the lawns and I can turn off the drips in the vegetable garden. We’ve raked all the fall leaves and now it’s time to address the carpet roses in the front yard. It’s also time to clean up the Garden Club’s rose garden in Folsom.

 What do you do in your garden in January? I have a few fruit trees that will require pruning so I better get my pruning shears sharpened and tuned up.

 At the beginning of the new year, the activities around the garden tour start to gear up. Members are asked to volunteer and we have so many volunteer opportunities, everyone can have their pick of jobs. It all depends on what you like to do or what you might be interested in learning. It’s all fun and it takes a village to support the tour.

 I have started a lot of Jade Plants in preparation for the garden tour plant sale. A huge Jade Plant was donated by Gladys’ Garden and it was in such bad shape; undernourished, under-watered and overgrown. I’m trying to restore it and took many cuttings from it. All the cuttings look healthy and I’m hoping the original plant will grow back to its original glory. 

Happy New Year 2020…Belinda

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