January Plant of the Month

Tinka Davi

Tomatoes in January?? Yep, that’s what our Plant of the Month person Rhoda DeVoignes provided for her first of the year presentation. A green supermarket style basket filled with Tomatoes Juliet.
They’re a small grape tomato and oblong like a miniature Italian plum tomato rather than being round like a cherry tomato
They’re prolific on clusters of branches especially during the summer, but, hey, they produce fruit now in cold (56-degree) January. Rhonda picked them the day before our meeting.
Some members were in awe of tomatoes in January, but Rhonda said, “If you’re growing them from seed, it’s not too early to talk about tomatoes.”
They’re delicious. David Coolidge can attest to that. He picked one from Rhonda’s basket, popped it into his mouth and said, “Mmmmm.”
Right now the plant is climbing up a fence in the DeVoignes’ yard and growing on top of Clematis.
Rhonda, who purchased the plant from Green Acres, recommends Tomatoes Juliet for salads, pasta sauce and salsa.
Or (my suggestion) put a dish of these goodies on the kitchen counter and snack on them as you cook, walk through the kitchen, entertain guests…well, you get the idea.
They’re delicious!

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