2016 Grants Program

In November 2016, we awarded grants totaling $5,000 to these five Grants Applicants.

Folsom Lake College
St. John Notre Dame School
Vista del Lago High School
Natoma Station Elementary
Murer House

Folsom Lake CollegeAward:  $1,500

Project Goal:  The college’s campus garden raises fruit, flowers and vegetables for student organizations, serves as an outdoor experimental lab for science classes, and is the subject of math, business, art, music, and early childhood education class projects. The garden was started in 2014, and has two raised beds with drip irrigation, and an experimental straw bale bed. This Grant will add a third raised bed, install decomposed granite pathways, and add plants and mulch to the perimeter beds.

St. John Notre Dame insect hotelAward:  $1,400

Project Goal: This project expands an existing teaching garden by building a terraced garden bed, and adding an insect hotel and a greenhouse. St John’s will make learning math more interactive by using the terraced garden bed to teach fractions and arrays. Also, the terraced bed will be used to grow heirloom grains to teach about cultivation techniques  in early civilizations, and to teach about the lifecycle of plants. The insect hotel will teach students about beneficial insects. The greenhouse will expand the growing season, and building it will give students an opportunity to practice their math skills when they design the greenhouse’s shelves.

Vista del LagoAward:  $800

Project Goal: Vista Del Lago’s Special Education teacher wants to make their existing garden more user friendly for all students, including students with disabilities. Presently, the teacher has been supplying plants, hoses, and other gardening items out of her own pocket. This Grant supplies potting benches and planters that allow students in wheelchairs more access to the garden, and a sail shade to protect from sun and heat. There are future plans to have Art students paint a mural of people with all abilities working in the garden.

Natoma Station ElementaryAward:  $800

Project Goal: The first part of the Grant request is to bring horticulture into the classroom by purchasing desktop greenhouses for twenty classrooms. Students will use the greenhouses to plant seedlings which will be transplanted into the outdoor school garden in the spring. Teachers will weave horticulture into the curriculum using the plants growing in the greenhouses to discuss nutrition and science. The second part of the Grant request was to create a healthier and more accessible outdoor garden area. That area is currently covered in rock dust which has deteriorated to the point where dust gets onto everything and everyone. Plants struggle to grow when the leaves are coated with dust, and children with respiratory issues cannot enter the garden. Decomposed granite would replace the rock dust, creating a better environment.

Murer HouseAward:  $500

Project Goal: Murer House has several locations where tools are stored, and they wanted to purchase a “Tuff Shed” where all of their tools can be located. An Eagle Scout was enlisted to level the area and pour the concrete pad that the shed will sit on. Subsequently to the Grant award, Murer House requested and received a Scope of Work change, and the Folsom Garden Club’s grant funds were allocated to the concrete pad for the shed.

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