By Jennie Lewis, Grants Committee Chair



In November, The Folsom Garden Club (FGC) awarded a total of $10,500 to nine non-profit projects. The Grants Committee just began receiving some reports of early completion of those nine projects.

Folsom Historical Society received a $2,000 grant to install an irrigation system in June’s Courtyard Garden. The historical garden is located behind the Folsom History Museum, is a tribute to the Pony Express riders and contains a replica Pony Express watering trough. The garden courtyard functions as a gathering place for community group socials and an educational setting for school tours.

Since an automated irrigation system did not exist in the garden, the historical society’s volunteers were required to hand water the garden. Thus, it was difficult to ensure plant health and proper watering schedules.

An automated irrigation system was installed by a professional landscape designer just in time to aid the garden to withstand the intense Folsom summer heat! The grant award allowed the historical society to hire a contractor to complete the much needed work that was beyond the capabilities of their volunteer team.


The Folsom Historical Society expressed their appreciation for this first time grant. Thanks to the FGC’s award, the historical society will be able to maintain a healthier and more attractive garden, as you can see by the photos of the completed garden.


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