It seems like we just had Thanksgiving and, already, activities are underway for Christmas.

For those of you who could not make it to Troll Knoll in Penn Valley, you missed a very special outing. Nina Sanders suggested we revisit Troll Knoll and Linda Kessemeier made it happen. John Morris and Ann greeted us with their two energetic and eager boxer dogs. What a treat! The views of the Siskiyou Mountains were phenomenal. The many gardens were still spectacular even as fall was fully underway. John has so many stories: some romantic, some with a twist and all fully entertaining.

When you can take a break from holiday cheer, think about what you want to bring to the plant sale in April. Are you planting from seed or are you propagating? Have your Fortnight lilies gotten too big for the space they’re in? Dig up a part of the lily and put it in a pot. What can be propagated from something you already have in your yard?

The club received about 30 clay pots from Gladys’ Community Garden. Let me know if you’d like some clay pots to plant in. There are some more decorative pots, too. A nice display of succulents is great in these kinds of pots and is very popular items at the plant sale.

I’m traveling to Mexico for the holidays and will not see you in January. Lynn Faulk will preside over the meeting in January. Give her all your support. I wish you the best holiday season ever. Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy your family and friends.

Happy Holidays…Belinda


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