Ron Byrd

April Greetings,

Well, it has finally arrived… the, month of the
Folsom Garden Tour! Everything is progressing
as planned, with great enthusiasm. The weather is
getting better and tickets are selling well. Check
the website: for informa-
tion on where to buy tickets.

Plans for the plant sale and the bakery sale are
under way. We will have lots of plants to sell at
the Murer House so tell your friends, neighbors,
and relatives to come get a good deal for their
spring planting. You don’t have to buy a tour
ticket in order to go to the plant sale. The bakery
sale will also have many yummy selections, so
spread the word. There are bargains for one and

I know you are anxious to get in the yard and
start pulling those weeds! I have been stir-crazy
for weeks but the end is in sight. Warm, sunny
days when you can plant seeds for flowers and
vegetables are now a welcome sight.

Spring means new beginnings, so share the joys
of Mother Nature and appreciate all she gives us.

Ron Byrd, President


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