Every April, rain or shine, you can look forward to the Folsom Garden Club’s Annual Garden Tour. Always held on the last weekend in April, the Garden Tour features the finest Folsom gardens for you to visit and explore. 

Each year, we present six or seven gorgeous gardens, choosing a range of different styles and designs. What’s your fancy? Do you love a large outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles? Or a swoon-worthy swimming pool? How about a cute and colorful cottage-style garden? Or a tranquil oasis that’s a plant lover’s dream? Modern design or traditional glamour? Gardens that showcase clever ideas, beautifully executed, are our specialty. 

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Throughout the gardens, you’ll find Master Gardeners on hand to answer your gardening questions, and artists painting in the gardens. We have a Plant Sale too, loaded with horticultural treasures at bargain prices. And then there’s our famous Bake Sale, which offers amazingly yummy delights. (Insider tip: the Bake Sale always sells out fast, so get there early before the tasty treats disappear.)

The Garden Tour is on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. You can order your ticket via PayPal through our website or purchase them at designated Folsom retailers. Ages 16 and over require a ticket—the little kiddos get in free. Your ticket includes a full description of each garden, maps, a list of our beloved sponsors, plus information (like where to stop for lunch) to help you enjoy the Garden Tour to the fullest.

RomeroPaul and Joanne turned to professional landscaper Dennis Lilley to design their low-water garden to attract butterflies and birds while providing a low height profile.  Hummingbirds visit “hot lips” and “Texas Ranger” sages, daylilies and dwarf buddleia all nestled next to a bubbling water feature.  Front courtyard pots are filled with succulents and gardenias.  Follow silver pavers back to the greenhouse and potting bench fitted with a unique sunflower sink.  Walk by magnificent gardenia and rosemary hedges and let your eye travel to the cozy swing on the hill.

Fringe flowers, bay laurels, birch and crape myrtle, surrounded by moss rock retaining walls, thrive on the once problematic hill.  Near the house are several Japanese maples under planted with lily turf. Paul’s favorite spot is under the shady pergola viewing the koi pond surrounded by daylilies, lily turf, agapanthus and Sago palms. Wander under the trumpet vine covered arch and discover the secluded child’s playhouse complete with electricity! Whether it is family BBQs, playtime with grandchildren or hosting the annual Easter egg hunt, this garden provides a wonderful opportunity for family to be together.

Three is a charm in this garden!  The homeowners report this is “at least” the third renovation to date.  Frustrated by drought, poor soil and too much shade, the latest rendition is an innovative display of hardscape and succulents.  As your eyes follow the steps, note the tile inlay and shells embedded in the surface.  Variegated yucca and blue agave nestle under a lovely yellow blossomed Palo Verde tree.  Freesia and iris peek up scenting the steps.  Risa’s love of “Southern California coastal with a Northern California nod” resulted in rosemary, cactus and aloe planted in crushed granite, reminiscent of a sandy beach. Beautiful dwarf bottle brush brings hummingbirds and butterflies.  Follow the path to the back surrounded with an assortment of succulents. Catch more of the beachy vibe with the custom window sill overseen by a serene mermaid, or sit on the giant boulder unearthed during pool construction. Simple serenity is achieved in this garden allowing you to imagine being transported to the cool California coast so loved by the homeowners.

JordanNestled in Old Folsom, this quaint garden is loaded with cottage charm. Stroll along the picket fence then enter under the jasmine covered archway. View a clever arrangement of succulents placed under an ancient redwood tree. Note the mature Camellias and crape myrtles, possibly original to the house.

As you enter the backyard note the “cottage chic” garden art lovingly collected by the homeowner. Near the back door is a charming kitchen herb bed surrounded by lavender and rosemary. The original garage is now a garden shed perfect for storing supplies or garden treasures. Whether you’re working in the veggie beds or just relaxing in a lawn chair you’re sure to feel the calm that surrounds this charming garden.

Inspired by Monet’s garden in France, Jennifer and John wanted to use color and texture expressed in a free form, low water garden.  Landscaped by Green Heart Designs six years ago, the emphasis was on native and drought tolerant plants.  Placed around the unique circular pathway is a wonderful assortment of sages, lamb’s ears, Santa Barbara daisies, gardenia, spiraea and society garlic.  Note the tall cape rushes and gorgeous bark on the mature crape myrtle trees.  One of the many garden “rooms” is the Japanese garden area with volcanic rock gravel.  Here azaleas, bamboo, wisteria and gingko thrive in the semi-shade.

The hot tub was deliberatively placed in the center of the garden so one would feel surrounded by nature.  View trumpet vine, albutalon and weeping cherry while soaking in the bubbles.  Sit on the stone bench in the quiet Zen garden area near the “waterless waterfall” and enjoy dogwood, ceanothus, spiraea and gardenia.  According to Jennifer, a hedge trimmer is never used in this garden; instead the plants are gently clipped by hand, giving you the feel of a true walk with California nature.

TolletteWhen Terri, Folsom Garden Club member, and Wylie bought this house, the only thing it had to offer was the view!  Both the house and garden were in need of a complete overhaul.  Designed by Wylie in 2008, it started with “six coastal redwoods and a tulip tree.”  Influenced by Sunset Magazine and a California Mediterranean vibe, lawn was replaced with no mow, low water Buffalo grass, a native of the Idaho prairie.  Walkways are surrounded by Santa Barbara daisies, Japanese maples, creeping ceanothus and dogwood.  View pretty chartreuse chimera cypress, mugo and black pine as well as manzanita nestled under a canopy of redwoods.

Lining the paths is bright moneywort and on the house is carefully tended creeping fig.  Walk alongside hopseed, yew and a madrone tree as you enter the back garden.  Watch your step as you gaze at the spectacular view!  Along the pathway are veggie and herb beds and a potting bench for propagating succulents featured in pots, artistic wall hangings and in the ground.  In order to not detract from the vast horizontal view, the home owners concentrated on plant texture and height using an Asian influence.  Junipers, creeping Atlas cedar, and Japanese black pine keep a low profile letting your eye sweep through the glass fence.  Citrus and olive trees mix with varieties of manzanita, butterfly bush and lavender which are visited by resident bees, carefully tended by amateur beekeeper Terri.

GaiUsing Lake Tahoe as inspiration, Ashlee and Brian created a magnificent entertainment area in their garden.  Landscaped one year ago by Donald Devorss of Progressive Landscapes Inc., the front and back were transformed from an “empty field” to a low maintenance retreat where family and friends can gather. Perched on the hill, taking full advantage of the view, is the spacious outdoor kitchen reminiscent of a mountain cabin.  Large enough to accommodate twenty plus guests, it contains a BBQ grill, fridge, ice machine, pizza oven and a “push button” bar, which is a favorite of their guests.  Warmed in winter by heaters and shady in summers, it overlooks the clear blue pool with its cascading waterfall covered in purple lantana.  Walk along the paths and see pink breath of heaven, grape vines, bird of paradise and purple verbena.

View the original rustic shade structure where s’mores are toasted and a Neil Diamond rose, Ashlee’s favorite, scents the air with its blooms. Fringe flower, day lily, citrus, manzanita and crape myrtle grow along the gentle hillside providing color and texture.  Don’t miss the adorable playhouse, surrounded by natural woods, veggie beds and a small orchard, where fond childhood memories were made.  Whether entertaining a large group or curling up on a secluded deck chair, this garden offers a serene, lofty getaway, without ever leaving the backyard.

San Juan Water DistrictMost people drive by and don’t even know this garden exists. Visit the Water Efficient Landscape (WEL) Garden for inspiration to create a landscape that looks beautiful every season. The garden demonstrates efficient irrigation and ways to use non-water materials to create a beautiful landscape.

The garden has a variety of garden types, including deer resistant, turf substitute, pond, shade and a perennial and rock gardens, to name a few. You can relax in this peaceful setting that includes a pond and a variety of gardens featuring roses, succulents, and California native plants. The garden areas have recently been refurbished after being closed for three years.

Our Garden Tour is our major fundraiser, and it benefits our Scholarships and Grants programs. The money we raise in Folsom is distributed locally. Our Grants program has funded local horticultural projects for schools, historical preservation groups, and local non profits that have gardens such as the food bank and the zoo. Check out the Grants section under the What We Do tab for details. Our Scholarships go to local college students studying horticulture or a related field. Details about Scholarships are found under the What We Do tab as well.

Attending the Garden Tour is a total win-win. You’ll have a wonderful time, enjoy a fun day with family and friends, get great gardening ideas, and make a meaningful contribution that will beautify, uplift, and educate our community.

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