Since 2005, we’ve awarded scholarships to college students studying horticulture in all its many facets. 

$5,000 Scholarship


 Genevieve Sterns

Junior – California Polytechnic State University – GPA 3.7

 Major: Plant Science

Genevieve is continuing at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall to pursue her degree in Plant Science with a concentration in Environmental Horticulture. Her goal of becoming a Landscape Designer with her interest in all things nature and expanding her knowledge of the many career pathways she has discovered since starting with Cal Poly last year. This is her 2nd year of being awarded by the Folsom Garden Club’s Scholarship program.

$5,000 Scholarship


Priscila Jiminez 

Junior – University of California, Davis – GPA 3.72

 Major: Landscape Architecture 

Priscila will be entering her Senior year at UC Davis this fall to pursue her degree in Landscape Architecture. She is interested in incorporating her designs using her childhood influences from Mexico and the US, creating meaningful urban outdoor spaces and parks that provide a place that can enhance the quality of life in the community with culture and accessible environments using sustainable practices. She is currently juggling two design-related jobs as a landscape design intern while attending UCD full time and on the Dean’s Honors List in 2022, 2023 and 2024. She received the College of Agriculture and Environment Science Global Education Award in April 2024, won the Congressional Art Competition for the 51st District of California, the Scholastic Art and Writing Award, and Silver Key in May 2021. 

$5,000 Scholarship


Rebecca Baer

Junior – University of California, Davis – GPA 3.22

Major: Plant Biology

 Rebecca currently owns her own horticulture business and holds three Associate Degrees in Basic Horticulture and Crop Production, Biological Science, and Natural Science while continuing her education towards a Masters Degree in Entomology. By gaining knowledge of the interaction of insects and plants, she plans on becoming an Agricultural Pest Control Advisor.


$1,000 Scholarship


Kathy Gee

Junior – American River College (Part Time) – GPA 4.0

 Major: Horticulture

 Kathy currently is a Master Gardener of Placer County, pursuing an Associate’s degree in Horticulture at American River College with the goal of acquiring her ISA Arborist Certification allowing her to provide specialized tree care and management, and to create urban food forests, conducive to her work and research related to arboriculture, urban forestry, and community gardens. She left her position at the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Cooperative Extension to focus on her academic goals. She is an avid community activist and volunteer and has been on the Dean’s list at Sacramento CSU and honors and ARC. Though she plans to obtain her degree at CSU, Sacramento in Psychology in 2025 with a Horticulture A.S. Degree at ARC in 2026, she hopes to make a positive impact in the community with valuable insight into human behavior and community dynamics in public places.


$2,000 Scholarship


Svitlana Humen

 Sophomore – American Rivier College – GPA 4.0

 Major: Landscape Design Technology with a Minor in Horticulture

Svitlana is pursuing her goal of becoming a Landscape Designer by obtaining an A.S. Degree in Landscape Design Technology. She arrived in the United States in 2020 in hopes of becoming a designer of public parks and recreation areas with her admiration of the beauty in nature and plants and wanting to deepen her knowledge and sustainability in this field all while facing challenges and efforts of learning in English as a second language. She is an avid community volunteer currently and volunteered for over 10 years landscaping public places in Ukraine, and was a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Member, Spring 2020 at ARC. 

$1,000 Scholarship


Brynn Seale

Senior-Vista Del Lago High School-GPA 3.9

Major: Forestry and Natural Resources

Brynn will be starting her Freshman year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, this fall.  Brynn credits a AP Environmental Science class where she participated in the Forestry Challenge, with helping her to decide on a career path.  Brynn has always enjoyed hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors.  The challenge took place in an area that had been devasted by a wildfire, working with foresters she realized she could make a difference in the forests she loved.

$1,000 Scholarship


McKenna Atha

Senior Vista Del Lago High School-GPA 3.9

Major: Plant & Soil Sciences

McKenna will be a freshman at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, this fall.  McKenna’s  love of plants began at a young age; with time spent hiking in nature and sharing her grandmother’s passion for gardening.  Her love of plants is further demonstrated by her employment at Green Acres Nursery since May 2023.  McKenna’s goal is to obtain her master’s degree in plant sciences.  Her long-term goal is to promote sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation in her home state of California. 

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