2021 Grants Recipients

The Folsom Garden Club (FGC) is pleased to announce the 2021-22 grant awards.  A total of $5,837 was given to six nonprofit grant applicants.  Congratulations to them all!

Bright Beginnings Folsom                            

$ 540


Project GoalGrow, Thrive and Conserve

  • Conserve water using a modified Olla self-watering system
  • Teach children 3 to 6 years old as well as parents
  • By learning how food grows, children learn patience, nurturing and the life cycle

Murer House Foundation                          

$ 880


Project Goals:  National Register of Historic Places Beautification

  • When nomination becomes finalized, official ceremonies will mark the occasion
  • Pathways will be finished
  • Bulbs planted in character with the Murer House during the time Joe Murer lived here
  • Cobble Terrace
  • Clay pots

Natoma Station Elementary School              



$ 600

Project Goal:  Replenishing and Caring for a Healthy and Safe Garden

  • Replace garden tools and plants
  • Students preschool through 5th grade learn how to grow and harvest food, how pollination works, and how to conserve water
  • Replace the well-used picnic table
  • Students use the space for class, lunch, recess
  • Faculty and staff find refuge here

Oak Hills Community Garden       


$ 1,447

Project Goal:  Oak Hills Community Garden Expansion

  • Need more garden beds to meet wait list
  • Need irrigation to those beds
  • Need playground bark so children can play while parents garden

Powerhouse Ministries          

$ 770

Project GoalPowerhouse Women & Childrens Center Raised Garden Beds

  • Residents in the Center stay for 2 years
  • Learning how to nurture and grow food and herbs as part of their transformation
  • Teach healthy eating habits
  • Teach patience


Twin Lakes Food Bank               


$ 1,600

Project GoalTwin Lakes Food Bank Community Garden Tune-Up

  • Garden produces 6000 pounds of produce a year
  • Beds need soil amendments and/or quality soil
  • Starter plants
  • Soil Borne Farms
  • Davis Ranch
  • New pruning tools

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