2019 Grants Recipients

The Folsom Garden Club (FGC) is pleased to announce the 2019-20 grant awards.  A total of $13,000 was given to twelve nonprofit grant applicants.  Congratulations to them all!

Friends of the Folsom Zoo                         $ 1,000

Project Goal: to plant California native plants along the Canid Hillside and install drip irrigation. The hillside is located within the Zoo and will allow the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary to introduce children and adults to California native plants, help the bee hives flourish and provide cuttings for the animals as food or enrichment.

Sutter Middle School                                 $ 1,500

Project Goal: to turn the newly established green space/garden area into an outdoor classroom. The immediate goal is to purchase twenty garden benches to allow classes to be held outside. Eight garden benches were purchased with last years grant award. This year an additional seven to eight benches will be purchased.

Blanche Sprentz Elementary School          $ 1,488

Project Goal: to enhance the school garden’s usability by installing three shade sails. School classes will then adopt plots within the garden to incorporate into their teaching models.


St. John Notre Dame School                      $ 1,000

Project Goal: to maintain a thriving school gardening program that extends to the classroom by purchasing irrigation supplies, child sized tools, decomposed granite, and plants. Books will be purchased that give guidance about using the garden in the classroom.

Eagle Scout Project: Smith                        $ 1,000

Project Goal: to rebuild the compost bins at Natoma Station Elementary School. The school’s goal is to reduce food waste by composing, which is an important part of the school’s gardening program. Students learn about the composing cycle.

Natoma Station Elementary School              $ 831


Project Goal: to continue the learning opportunities in their existing school garden by purchasing portable cookware for students to learn how to transform garden produce into healthy and delicious recipes as well as to purchase gardening tools and plants.

Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary School     $ 1,500

Project Goal: to finish a donated green house, which will make the structure safe for use by the children and durable. Once the green house is upgraded, the structure will be used for science projects and to start plants for the school garden.

Gold Ridge Elementary School                  $ 366

Project Goal: to continue to conduct science and ecology classes using the garden for grades preschool through fifth by purchasing plants, soil, and maintaining the garden beds with wood stain and paint brushes.

Vista del Lago High School – Earth Club   $ 659  

Project Goal: to renovate and use Vista del Lago’s greenhouse by installing a ventilation system and replacing the broken door.   The green house will then be used to build an appreciation of nature and to provide a space on campus where teens can receive hands on experience with the cultivation of plants.

Twin Lakes Food Bank                             $ 1,500

Project Goal: to increase the garden’s ability to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to clients suffering hunger and food scarcity. Composed soil, fertilizer and soil amendments will be purchased to improve the garden’s soil health as well as gardening tools. Irrigation will be repaired and replaced. Starter plants will be purchased to augment the plants started from seed in the green house.


Murer House Foundation                          $ 1,201

Project Goal: to propagate their historic plants and grow seeds. A green house and potting bench will be purchased and constructed. The plants and seeds generated will be used to plant their “sister city” garden as well as to sell plants to obtain funding for garden maintenance. Propagation workshops will also be conducted.

Folsom Cordova Community Charter School      $ 955

Project Goal: to use the on-site garden for home school students to learn about plants, soil, nutrition, through weekly workshops. The students register for the workshops and travel to the school site to participate in the garden activity.   The grant will allow expansion of the workshop opportunities by purchasing tools, gloves, plants, mulch, and soil.

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