Since 2005, we’ve awarded scholarships to college students studying horticulture in all its many facets. 

$2,000 Scholarship

Kaylin Hui — Senior — U.C. Davis

B.S. Landscape Architecture

Early gardening experiences provided a basis for Kaylin’s interest in preserving natural ecology. Through her education she is learning to integrate environmental science & research of ecological processes into designing landscapes, specifically restoring natural ecology in heavily urbanized areas.

$1,000 Scholarship

Nicholas Linda – Sophomore — U.C. Davis

B.S. Sustainable Environmental Design

As a child of filmmakers, Nicholas was exposed to science fiction and his imagination created vast worlds in their home gardens. This imagination continued thru his education fostering his dream of blending nature and the city. There is more education in his future as he plans to get a Master’s Degree with the ultimate career goal of engaging urbanites in the natural world.

$2,000 Scholarship

Shannon Mayhew – Senior — U.C. Davis
B.S. Plant Science

Taking her early experiences working in dusty files for a law firm going paperless, Shannon developed a passion for earth justice and protecting the environment. Education has honed this passion into seeking, and finding, environmental answers in the Plant Science field all the way to the cellular level. She plans to get a PhD. Degree and combine teaching and research.

$1,000 Scholarship

Shawn Reid – Junior — U.C. Davis

B.S. Sustainable Landscape & Irrigation

After establishing himself as a professional in both the construction and art fields Shawn entered Cosumnes River College and began his journey in the horticulture field. He was recently one of only 36 who are annually accepted into the UC Davis Landscape Architecture program. His double minors in professional writing and land restoration are helping him become industry ready upon graduation.

$1,300 Scholarship

Sondra Sulli – Junior – American River College

This second year FGC Scholarship awardee is continuing on her educational path in the Horticulture Field. We were impressed with Sondra’s determination last year as she had long dreamed (22 years) of returning to school. That goal realized, she is now continuing school and working in her field. The long-term future includes obtaining a B.S. in Business Admin. which will round out her educational needs to establish a landscape design business.

$1,000 Scholarship

Belinda Tarrant – Junior – U.C. Davis

B.S. Landscape Architecture

You may also recognize this FGC Scholarship winner as she is awarded for the second year in a row. Her interests in competitive rowing has peaked her interest in the design and functionality of public venues of all types – from wedding venues, parks of all types (public – national), to … yes…. sporting and event venues. She is already doing an internship in her intended field of Landscape Architecture.

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